October 23, 2005

Interesting and Open

Ah, the poetry of the grep command.

Here are all the cases of the word "interesting" in the transcript of the first USV Sessions event that recently transpired in New York. There's something, well, interesting, going on here:

lot of very interesting things
layer or interesting service that
And it's kind of interesting,
interesting blog you wrote about
the interesting things that Yochai said
interesting, to follow up on that
rather than money, and it's interesting
something interesting about this notion
it was interesting, at 2.0 Conference,
interesting part for me is the Google
interesting to understand the economics
interesting that in the Powerball
interesting to think about is hey, if
to say that it's interesting that we
interesting, right, that there does
So I think there's an interesting
interesting discussion, because Apple,
Interestingly, Craigslist, in the last
brings a couple interesting and
interesting. Right now we don't let
it's interesting, the question is --
an interesting question. I mean, a lot
interesting to watch, and I think that
think will be really interesting is
the interesting points that Tim is
MR. SCHACTER: It's interesting
we're going is very interesting,
really interesting idea, because then
interesting question is could you
is a really interesting model.
interesting to see what sorts of
So friction is interesting,
analogy is an interesting one, and in
respond. The interesting question here
interesting, but were kind of eager to
interesting conversation at lunch, and
interesting fuse as to where the value
But what's interesting is that
that an interesting concept in that is
interesting, because even with the
be interesting to look at it from a
interesting lesson.
what's interesting me, I was one of the
interesting alliance between developing
interesting to us.

Then there's "open".... fasten your seatbelts:

friend of a friend open standards so
be best served if there were one open
that open network.
open source software or Wikipedia are
open platform. People could have
that has an open API that let's you
about open source, and it either works
that are open to interact with the
about reputation in the context of open
me that in open source communities, you
open up.
idea of an open data architecture,
economy and what it means to be open or
open data architecture and what that
become familiar with what an open
PC, and what an open software
architecture is, LINUX, an open network
open data architecture is, and there
been very open to date, maybe they're
not going to be open, but what I'd like
thing as an open data architecture, and
of open data architectures and they've
other open architectures we've been
through an open data format. It was
obviously HTML open data format, and it
view on open data architecture is if we
what open data mechanisms are being
translation elements from an open data
all kinds of privacy issues, but open
willing to make it and open to all.
Google Maps have an open data standard
or an open set of principles? Is
open and crawled, and now they're
interests, the open -- I think the open
going to be kind of open or I think
open. They'll crawl other people and
closed, and now they're making open AOL
market will open up.
there's a path that says "I'm open.
be more open, and if the user, the job
was about an open data architecture,
same as an open data format. First of
an open data architecture. And I don't
couple of lessons, and one is an open
characteristics of an open data
the open data system I think is maybe
open data and commoditized data is a
data may be free and open, and I
whether it's through an open source
We were talking about open data where a
that people want to be open, but they
to compete on. Being more open is
beginning of this session about open
whole discussion of an open data
that it implies for me is that an open
implication is that an open data
MR. EVSLIN: We're using open
architecture's open and one the data's
open and aggregated. On the second
which you partly do by being open for a
while, or more open than anyone else,
has no reason to be open. Skype has no
reason to be open. They have too many
reason to want to be open and to share,
be open. The only one who doesn't is
that open data really is is a billion
see how if it's completely open and
country, it had an open database. It
happening here. You play by the open
general open opportunity, and you use
of them closed, some of them open. And
in an open data world, but what you're
you value open data, you want to figure
The open or closed has to do with
choose to have an open architecture as
wave of the transition into this open
peer production in an open data
one of open data architecture, but I
open things up in order to bring people
you grow it faster if you open, but if
you grow it faster if you open, are you
and I think the answer there is opening
peer production and open data which are
he makes the point that that's an open
fighting for open databases, and now,
does it cheaper, openly or whatever,
its starting close to ending open is
open up its content, it's probably
opening up any database, it didn't open
up the most important database to open
become more open and potentially make
defining model of what an open database
as open, right, Tim?
being an open source, it exists, and
start-up that's like an open source
from an open data frame work
about Skype. I don't want to reopen
focus on open spectrum policy. And I
there is the new Eyebeam open lab, and
work they will do will be under open
thing. We do want this to be more open

"We do want this to be more open." Yes, we do indeed. And it will be interesting once it is.

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And open!

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