October 21, 2005

Oliver Twist meets Don Corleone

Anyone else see the Roman Polanski's new version of Oliver Twist?

The film's actually quite good, I thought. But the music! The music is very distracting.

Why? Because there's a blatant, and I mean note-for-note blatant, rip-off of a major Nino Rota theme from the Godfather movies, weaving its way all through the dark second half of Twist.

Specifically, this riff from "Wanted: Bill Sykes & A Fierce Dog" (Realplayer audio required). Geez, that's one of the crucial Godfather riffs! It was hugely distracting to hear that riff out of its original context. It just doesn't make any sense in 1800s London. Posted by brian at October 21, 2005 08:46 AM


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