September 24, 2004

Battlin' Zithromax w/ The Kleptones

I was out of town yesterday on a short business trip, and when I got up this morning I discovered my blogs had been bombarded with comment spam once again --- over seven hundred messages, almost entirely about something called Zithromax.

After cursing and contemplating the value of continuing to blog when the spam's so bad I can't keep up (I already 900+ spams a day in email, and now I get 100's a day in my blogs) I decided it was finally time to upgrade to Movable Type 3.11 and the latest MT-Blacklist, something I've already done for one of my other blogs, Nettle.

Upgrading MovableType is a pain. Not only is it a pain because it's a pain, but it's a pain because this problem is so fixable. I wish SixApart would dedicate some resources to creating a reliable installer that completely automates the upgrade process, from uncompressing the tarball to installing all the plugins.

Where is InstallShield for MT?

While I battle the forces of Zithromax, I'm groovin' to the Kleptones thanks to Andy Baio. Over at Waxy, Andy is blogging about and hosting The Kleptones' new mash-up album, A Night At the Hip Hopera in its entirety. I've been a fan of plunderphonics, Negativland, remixes, and mash-ups for years, and I agree with Andy that this is a pretty remarkable mash-up. I love reinterpretations of familiar music and the way technology is letting us "rearrange the bits", as Cory might say. (Just wait until we start seeing movie mash-ups.)

Posted by brian at September 24, 2004 04:17 PM


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