September 24, 2004

foo fotos

Better late than never. Some random Treo-shots from Foo Camp two weeks ago (has a Web Year already passed since Foo Camp? Amazing.):

Someone from Microsoft distributed these squishy, nerf-like figurines on the dinner tables at Foo. At first I thought they were number 9's that you'd buy to decorate a child's 9th birthday cake. But actually they were for "Channel 9", Microsoft's internal blog thingie for Microsoft developers. Of course, it took about 0.02 seconds for Foo Campers to tear the heads off and arrange the Microsoft numbers not as 9's in a row, but as "666"... If life gives you Channel 9 figurines, destroy them as quickly as you can. What else would you expect from an Open Source crowd?

Here's a random shot with a rather interesting collection of individuals (how many can you identify?):

Posted by brian at September 24, 2004 06:26 PM


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