November 29, 2006

Yahoo TV gets... um... 0.2-ified?

Paul Kedrosky complains that Yahoo! TV has been Web 2.0-ified:

Well, Yahoo in its wisdom has launched a 2.0-ified version of its TV listings tonight, complete with an Ajax-y interface, cool blue colors, social rating of programs, etc. That's all swell, and frankly I wouldn't care one way or the other (other than they broke my URL for full listings), but the darn thing is sooooo much slower than the old listings. Tables have to get populated, drop-downs have to ... drop, and sliders have to slide while data creakily loads.

That's not what I see. What I see when I go to is this:

I had to shrink the screen shot way way way down (and then show a magnified portion of it) as it is so long a page. I've tried reloading the page, even shift-reloading, but it just don't work. (This is with Safari on a Mac).

Posted by brian at November 29, 2006 08:37 AM


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