May 04, 2005

Down Tiger! Bad! Bad!

Installed MacOS X Tiger on Friday night and it's been nothing but trouble. It wanted 14 hours to index my disk drive. Argh! Then the first time I went into, it said, oh, please wait while I index 75000 emails. Problem is, it's hard to index the emails while Spotlight is busy indexing the hard drive. I was attending a conference on Sunday and Monday and noticed that Tiger was incessantly causing disk access -- and when you're on the road, battery power is precious, and incessant disk activity means no battery power. Argh!

Then tonight I connected my external Firewire drives at home for the first time. Tiger gleefully went to town, beginning to index 550GB of backup data. Arrrrgh! Make it stop!

Only nice feature in Spotlight: if you go into System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy and you indicate that there are entire disk drives you don't want it to index, it'll stop indexing them right away, even if it's in the middle of indexing them.

One really annoying feature in Spotlight:'s Library/Mail folder is MUCH bigger (I discovered this when my normal mail backup was 3.5x normal size tonight!) because of all the Spotlight index files. Ugggggghhh!

But then, that's only one of's problems. There are lots of others. I see I am not alone in noticing them.

So far I see no value in Spotlight, and I think the improvements in are not improvements at all. The previous release was better.

Ever since I installed Tiger, my Powerbook runs hotter. Meaning, more CPU time. Meaning, less battery time. Ugh.

Exactly why is Tiger so great, again? I think I missed the memo. Posted by brian at May 4, 2005 10:23 PM


Yeah, I found that my mailsize exploded (now @ about 2GB for 80K messages) because of the new single-file emlx format.

Spotlight is by and large too slow for me to really use as well. OTOH, for searches in Mail are much improved over the last version, which was pretty horrendous.

Posted by: Leonard Lin at May 5, 2005 03:38 PM

You know, you could go into launchd's settings and tell it to stop running the Spotlight daemon if you don't want to use Spotlight at all.

I don't know what exactly you need to do to make this happen, because I don't have Tiger yet, but it's stil a UNIX system, it won't do anything behind your back once you tell it not to.

PS: if you put "body { margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; }" in your CSS, then you really need to make sure ALL your content is enclosed in at least one element with a margin, because otherwise it looks really funky. Like... your preview page here.

Posted by: Peter da Silva at May 7, 2005 07:29 AM

If you upgraded from Panther instead of doing a fresh install you'll probably find the old .mbox files are still in ~/Library/Mail. Delete them and you'll get a fair chunk of HD back. :)

Posted by: Squozen at May 11, 2005 01:44 AM

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