February 14, 2005

Things I've Stopped Doing

Some things, in no particular order:
  • Using eBay It's not that I stopped buying and selling stuff, but I'm just not buying and selling stuff through eBay anymore. And Bill Cobb may think eBay's buying every word in the English language is an effective Google AdWords strategy, but I find it very cheesy when I do a Google search, and notice eBay mentions that keyword, get intrigued, click on the ad, and land on a search page in eBay and find there really are no items matching that obscure term, and then I feel cheated and then I leave the eBay site.

  • Using Fotolog I now use Flickr. It's bettr.

  • Google Groups (i.e., USENET archive). I used to search the USENET achive through Google all the time. I never use it anymore. They ruined it.

  • All Music Guide. I used to use this ALL THE TIME -- as in prolly once a day. Constantly referring to it, looking up things, remembering some artist and wondering whatever happened to them, all kinds of little things. It was handy, accessible, fun. Now, it is none of those things. They ruined it, imho, and I never use it anymore.

  • The WELL Just too busy. I rarely sign on anymore. Graham Nash once called it a "huge time sink". He's right. I'm sinking my time elsewhere these days, and not looking back.

  • The Daily Show One too many stay-up-to-eleven-pm-only-to-find-out-it's-a-rerun situations. Or, not funny anymore. Or, too depressing anymore. Or, in the end, it (like Atrios, TPM, et al) didn't make a difference.

  • Internet Explorer. I never really did use it unless I had to; now, if I have to, I don't use it and I don't use the site that requires it, so there.

  • Windows. With MacOSX available, why would one ever think of using Windows?

  • Orkut. Ryze. LinkedIn. etc. etc. etc. They were fads. Or I'm the wrong demographic. Or something.

  • Movies. I went to 75 movies in 2004, and 80+ in 2003. I've gone to about 3 so far this year. Too busy, is the main reason. Just too busy.

  • Reading books. The number of books I read per year is way down. Number of blogs I read per day is way up. Is this a good thing? No. I plan to find a better book/blog balance this year. Which reminds me. Gotta finish the so-far-excellent Mountains Beyond Mountains . . . .
Posted by brian at February 14, 2005 05:02 PM

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