February 11, 2005

Groanage Part II

Murphy's Law #2733: If you stay up late intending to do an allnighter, and around midnight realize it is around midnight and you're now more tired than you are being productive, and you go home with the rationalization that you will come right back to work within 6-7 hours, and then you actually do show up back at work just 7 hours later, and you start working productively again, then you will awaken Murphy who will wreak some sort of havoc on you causing your work to be interrupted making you think that you should have pulled the allnighter anyway.

I got in to work around 645am, and started working again right away, deep in the middle of some product specs, and suddenly KA-BLAM!!!!! a huge explosion outside, somewhere nearby, the blast echoinig off the surfaces of buildings and houses and hills in the distance, but at the same moment, the lights and all power gets CUT. The only thing still working is the PowerBook, and the document I had open was safe and undisturbed.

Power was out for about two hours. Apparently a transformer blew.

Ok, so how is this about Groanage, er, Vonage.

Well, about 15 minutes after the power resumed, say around 9:15am, my desk phone rings. This is the Vonage line! It just up and worked!

Here it is almost 4pm in the afternoon, and it is still working. Why, as far as I can tell, it has worked all day! Will wonders never cease?

I never did get the promised follow-up phone call or email from Vonage Customer Care.

I am reminded of the old saying: "AOL, Customer, Service. Pick two."

Update: 16:10. Just got a call from Anthony at Vonage. The Level III Engineers made some changes to software on Vonage's side and things worked. He doesn't know what the changes were. He said they didn't tell him. He didn't seem too happy to be talking to me. I wonder if he reads the blog. Posted by brian at February 11, 2005 03:44 PM


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