January 11, 2005

Taking the Plunge

Attending the CalConnect Roundtable II meeting at the University of Seattle today. We're meeting at the Waterfront Activities Center on the campus.

The waterfront at the Waterfront Activities Center

First notable thing about Seattle that I'd forgotten about: the sun rises a lot later up here than in La Jolla. 730am and it's still pre-dawn.

There's a great photo on the wall inside the meeting room: an old black & white picture depicting the 1925 Junior Class of the University of Washington. They're standing along the bridge that crosses the water that leads to Lake Washington. Look closely: someone's jumping from the bridge, while everyone else watches.

Pretty much sums up 2004, in terms of the startup life . . .

Posted by brian at January 11, 2005 08:37 AM


i hope you'll blog about what happens.

Posted by: peter caputa at January 12, 2005 02:18 PM

Nothing major or drastic. It's a group trying to figure out standards for interoperable calendaring applications. So from an "OpenEvents" perspective, so far it's not been too significant. Tomorrow there may be some interesting stuff, but I may not be able to blog about it until after I get back to San Diego.

Today there was a very interesting technical committee meeting on CalDAV. Nothing earthshaking or newsworthy to report, other than things are moving along. All the specs for CalDAV are open and available (just Google the term). The Mozilla gang showed support for CalDAV within their calendar apps, and Oracle demoed a very impressive client-server connection between a desktop calendar app and Microsoft Exchange, to which they'd added a CalDAV protocol adaptor (plugin). Apparently it took "less than 3 weeks" to write, and now there's a way for Exchange servers to talk CalDAV. Don't know if this will be open-source or a commercial add-on to Exchange. All proof-of-concept at this stage, I suspect.

Posted by: Brian Dear at January 12, 2005 10:20 PM

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