January 08, 2005

First Purchase Circles, now Parking Lot Indicators!

A couple years back here in the blog, I wrote about the Amazon Purchase Circles method of determining whether a publicly-traded company was focused on the business at hand, or dreaming of faraway places. The secret? What books was the company buying? If they were all business related, then I suggested a BUY rating for the company. If instead they ranged from "Harry Potter" to "What to Do When Your Boss Is a Jerk" to "Let's Go Tahiti!" then I'd issue a SELL.

Ross Mayfield has opened up a new group on Flickr called the "Parking Lot Indicatr" -- cameraphone photos of parking lots of publicly-traded companies. Who's at work? Parking lot full? Late at night? On weekends? BUY! Empty? SELL! Interestingly, Ross' first contribution to the group is Google's lot, and it's (surprisingly) nearly empty...

Posted by brian at January 8, 2005 04:25 PM


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