August 15, 2004

The Buy of the Guy

Guy Kawasaki's new Art of the Start book is a lot cheaper than the conference of the same name was, and maybe more valuable.

It bugs me that Kawasaki's never started his own company from scratch, paid his employees out of his personal savings account, gone without a paycheck for several years, designed and built a product that worked, designed and built a product that didn't, found and thrived in a market that loved the company, never found a market that cared for his company. I mean, has he? (Garage doesn't count.) His most honest book title: Selling the Dream. That's what he does in a nutshell. He believes the dream, and he makes you believe it too, even if he hasn't actually lived it. (I mean, has he? And what has Garage funded to date that's been a wild success?)

But, all that said, I buy every book he writes. When Rules for Revolutionaries came out, I bought a dozen or so copies and gave them out to a bunch of folks at where I worked at the time (I don't know if anyone ever read their copy, but at the time giving them out seemed like the right thing to do.) And when he comes to town, I make sure to be there to hear him speak. He always delivers.

The new ClueTrain-like ChangeThis site is offering an interesting and useful summary of Guy's new book. It's worth a read.

By the way, here's Guy's promotional video from his speaker's bureau (warning: 53MB quicktime movie).

Posted by brian at August 15, 2004 08:46 PM


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