June 19, 2004

More on (Moron?) Bradbury

Exactly why, pray tell, can't the media ask the right questions? Why do they overlook things the bloggers don't?

For instance, now there's more news about Ray Bradbury. An AP Newswire story by Paul Chavez says Bradbury's now demanding Moore change the Fahrenheit 9/11 film title. From the article:

"He didn't ask my permission," Bradbury, 83, told The Associated Press on Friday. "That's not his novel, that's not his title, so he shouldn't have done it.

Why didn't AP ask Bradbury about I Sing the Body Electric? Or Something Wicked This Way Comes? For starters?

More about this in my June 4th blog posting. Posted by brian at June 19, 2004 04:16 PM | TrackBack


How about Bradbury's "Usher II," in which a man builds a house on Mars that's completely based upon the works of Edgar Allan Poe? I seem to recall that it includes not just plot points taken from a lot of Poe's work, but quite a few passages from Poe's "House of Usher".

In fact, I just checked my copy of "Martian Chronicles" and didn't find any copyright notice that indicated that Bradbury was using bits of Poe's stories with permission. So there we go.

Posted by: jima at June 20, 2004 10:34 AM

Bradbury needs a refresher on copyright law. Titles cannot be copyrighted, therefore Moore has every right to use the word farenheit in his film title.

Posted by: Boots at June 21, 2004 10:57 PM

So, Boots, if Bradbury has no right to be angry at Moore about the title-appropriation, then this blog certainly shouldn't be wasting its time with (inaccurate) comparisons to Shakespeare, Poe, etc?

And I, of course, shouldn't be wasting *my* time....

Posted by: Eric Spratling at June 23, 2004 05:59 PM

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