June 25, 2003


Interesting new open-source project at MIT called Haystack, billed as a "universal information client." Overlaps in functionality with OSAF's work on Chandler. It's good for there to be some competition.

The UI for Haystack reminds me of the various my.* personalized sites. I'm skeptical I'd use it as is, but it's a noble effort which I'm glad to see people engaged in.

I've long thought that desktop computing is based on the wrong metaphor: files and documents. I think a richer metaphor is one where people and conversations come first. Sure, people may generate and share files and documents, but the people and the conversations come first. Imagine if an OS were entirely oriented around very simple but very sophisticated buddy lists. "Social software"? How about "social OS'es"? Scary or intriguing?

Posted by brian at June 25, 2003 10:57 AM


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