April 04, 2003


Added a new satire story at Denounce Newswire on a service called Blossier --- a fictional blog dossier service where people can track, stalk, and spy on people who write blogs. Want to know when someone's traveling? Sign up for Blossier and get notified fast.

On a more serious note.... When Doc Searls begins a recent blog entry saying,

We left our house in Santa Barbara around 7am yesterday. We just arrived at our hotel in North Carolina. It's 4:35am. We didn't leave Chicago until after Midnight.

can the whole world assume nobody's at home in Santa Barbara? Doc clearly doesn't mind mentioning when he's home and when he's not. Lots of bloggers offer such mundane tidbits of their daily lives online.

But at what point do blogs become sources for identity thieves or other criminal elements? When do we see a cop TV show where the detective investigating a burglary asks, "You don't happen to publish a blog, do you?" Posted by brian at April 4, 2003 01:08 PM


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