April 03, 2003

Gas Price Gouging in California

I keep reading these stories about how has prices are dropping. For instance, Gas Prices Under $1.40 in Springfield. (The Simpsons gotta be happy about that.) And then CNN/Money comes out with a story, saying . All this after the California Energy Commision and California Public Utilities Commision came out with a report saying, price gouging? No, not to worry.

Ok so I needed to buy some gas today. I live in La Jolla, CA. I drove around with the camera to see what prices were like in Pacific Beach and La Jolla. My findings are shown below --- all images taken within the past 3 hours:

Posted by brian at April 3, 2003 04:50 PM


Sorry about that. I'm not gloating but I note two vendors here in western NC pricing regular at $1.45. Locally, the idea is to fiddle with the price according to the tourist calendar. We can expect mysterious price increases starting about 2 wks b-4 mothers day, eg.

Posted by: al at April 10, 2003 02:23 PM

I have family in Minnesota and they tell me gasoline prices are $1.50. I know that there are no refineries in Minnesota so why is it so much cheaper there that here in California?
They say that it cost to oxyenate the gasoline here in California, but does it cost 50 cents per gallon? I also believe that the oil companies have everyone in their pockets. They have been getting away with highway robbery in California for a couple of years. The oil companies have been quoting saying that they will charge whatever the market will bear and the government doesn't do anything about it!

Posted by: S Kiefer at April 29, 2003 06:09 AM

The extremely high gasoline prices are self explanatory! Check out the "major supporters" of the present administration in Washington D.C., coupled with the fact that presidential elections are coming up, then go figure! The largest contributors to the Bush campaign was oil and gas interests!
It's not only the gasoline industry going up on prices, here in the east the natural gas industries have already told us they will be increasing their prices from 20% to 30% this winter! I believe that if by some miracle we could use water instead of gasoline in our vehicles, you would find a "sudden shortage" of water!

Posted by: Larry at August 25, 2003 11:39 AM

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