March 12, 2003

Wednesday Findings

Underground Restaurants
Janelle Brown, a contributing writer for, has a great article in today's New York Times about "underground restaurants" that open irregularly in people's living rooms, basements, and other unconventional locations. Fascinating information.

Imagine if the people who operate such sneaky "restaurants" started using meetup or something like it. You could visit a list of the kinds of foods you like, and see who's gonna be cooking them in your area. When enough people have signed up, the host sets a date and away they go, with a great dinner.

This goes back to the battle-of-the-fans idea I blogged about a while back: using the Net to gauge the demand for goods and services. For example, I would love to see "Lawrence of Arabia" in 70mm restored widescreen glory. I'm willing to pay, oh, $10 or $15 to see it in a really nice theatre, something like The Arclight in L.A. So where can I go on the Net and indicate my level of interest in seeing a theatrical presentation of it, within a certain geographical area and timeframe and ticket price?

MAME Project
Ok, now this is cool. Dave McAnulty, who I used to know at, has this amazing project to create a virtual arcade game that theoretically could play everything ever written, using MAME ROMs. Don't miss his VCAR project while you're at it.

Texaco Station Charges $4.29 A Gallon
Local San Diego news organizations are having a field day today with this story of a station in El Cajon that's charging a wee bit more than usual for gas. Posted by brian at March 12, 2003 03:57 AM


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