March 11, 2003

Tues Misc

The State of the Computer Game Industry
Thanks to Ceej for the reference to an interesting essay by Greg Costikyan on the state of the gaming industry and the mood of the recent Computer Game Developers Conference.

Obsessive Baby Blogs
Imagine, you grow up and find out that the whole world knew the first time you peed, puked, laughed, hit a key on the computer keyboard (spacebar, of course), sat up, used a straw, uttered "BA", grabbed first book on bookshelf (Devil's Dictionary, and "then he puked on it"), ate banana, and walked down the stairs for the first time. It's like the beginning of a real Truman Show. The only thing missing from the historical record of ezekiel: selected diary of obsessive parents are the times, in hours, minutes, and seconds. And where's the video? Most impressive first: first ride in a stretch limo at age 2 months 3 days. Why, it took me about 30 years.

Rehab Diary
Funny, fictional diary entries from celebrities in rehab. Posted by brian at March 11, 2003 03:56 AM


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