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by Brian Dear

Originally posted in the WELL's news conference, Sun 25 Mar 2001

Beautiful day on the SF Bay Peninsula, around 64 degrees, for me and Jesse the English Bull Terrier, as we explored the sidewalks of Intuit and Sun, along a golf course where the paths kept ending with signposts saying "NO DOMESTIC ANIMALS ALLOWED", but with a box with a lid on it, containing plastic bags to "pick up waste from your dog".

Is an English Bull Terrier a domestic animal? Not sure about the domestic part. He's still pretty wild.

Jesse had one of those rare euphoric walks, where he's strolling in fine form, proudly onwards into the wind, nose high in the air, chest outstretched, mouth slightly open, tongue out, ears back, tail up, sniffing the breeze, occasionally glancing to me as if to say, "thanks Dad, it doesn't get any better than this".


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