April 14, 2008

The Digg Inside Twitter

Every day there are three sites I'm guaranteed to visit. In no particular order, Digg, Reddit, and Twitter. With Twitter I'll visit numerous times, via desktop browser, via iPhone's m.twitter.com version, via RSS.

Despite the fact that Twitter is supposed to be about "what are you doing now", what a lot of people are "doing" is discovering stuff on the net and sharing it via Twitter. Hence, URLs. Hence, the proliferation of tinyurl.com URLs in tweets.

How different is this from Digg and Reddit? How much overlap is there in terms of popular URLs disseminated via Digg and Reddit versus Twitter each day? Put another way, how many URLs do I go check out via Twitter versus Digg versus Reddit each day? I'd say 40% reddit, 40% Twitter, and 20% Digg.

What's a shame about Twitter then, is that it doesn't DO anything with all of those valuable URLs. It doesn't track them, it doesn't aggregate them, it doesn't let them automatically rise and fall on "popularity charts" like Digg and Reddit. Since Twitter is more of an ever-moving river of conversation, and if you turn your attention away for a moment, you'll miss something, you wind up missing a lot. Way, way more than Digg or Reddit.

It doesn't have to be this way. Twitter ought to consider aggregating the URLs that users are sharing, and proving a view into those URLs. I wanna see what the most popular URLs are being "twittered about" each day.

Think of it this way, Ev, Biz, et al: you guys do this, and I have lots more reasons to stick with Twitter and fewer reasons to keep visiting Digg and Reddit each day.

Whatcha think?

UPDATE 4/15/2008 Looks like someone's working on this . . . Twittlinks....

UPDATE II - 4/16/2008 -- Well, well, well, this is very interesting and along the lines of what I was looking for ---> alphatwitter.com

Posted by brian at April 14, 2008 03:42 PM


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