January 29, 2008


I use Twitterific 2.1 on Mac OS X Leopard. Ever since moving to Leopard, I've noticed that the app has trouble displaying news updates. The updates often display on top of each other, and you don't know this until you see something that looks interesting, and you click on the tinyurl and suddenly the entire news item changes to be something else. And then you click on more news items and discover they're all not what they seem to be. I've found the fastest way to re-draw the entire set of news items is to slightly adjust the height or width of the Twitterific application window -- but this is hardly a long-term solution. And yes, I know there is a 3.x version of Twitterific. I was hoping to not have to pay for that.... Posted by brian at January 29, 2008 01:21 PM

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