April 26, 2007

Can the Major News Media Ever Be Trusted Again?

I managed to catch the Bill Moyers Journal special on "Buying the War" last night on PBS. Powerful television. If you didn't see it, find the time to see it at the website (follow the link or click the image below).

The show tracks the history of how the U.S. media not only caved in to pressure from corporate powers that be, but also capitulated to the pressure to appear as patriotic as possible, regardless of the truth, in the wake of 9/11 and the buildup to the Iraq invasion.

What boggles me is how could any journalist with a decent BS detector believe the crap coming out of the Administration all those years, and then really genuinely be surprised to find out that there were no WMDs and that the whole case for war was a big shining LIE? It was obvious to me from day one. How could anyone ever believe a word uttered by Bush, or Cheney, or any of the other crooks who overthrew our government back in 2000?

Probably the most disturbing thing about the Bill Moyers show is what it makes you think about once the show is over: will we ever see an honest, objective, and independent news media again in this country? Or have we passed into a new age? It was supposed to be the Information Age. I think it's the Misinformation Age. The business model: profit through perpetual fearmongering.

Where have you gone, David Halberstam? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Posted by brian at April 26, 2007 08:17 AM


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