March 17, 2007

Rad Monkey Electric Cowbells

"The Rad MonkeyTM VLC800, the world's first digital modelling cowbell! Onboard DSP accurately models 12 of the world's most sought after cowbells. Hold a world class cowbell collection in the palm of your hand!"

I've been doing a lot of music/sound recording research lately and this parody site really nails what the ads look like these days in Mix, Electronic Musician, etc.

But what's really interesting is that this parody apparently comes from Kevin Ryan, the same guy who did the Bob Dylan / Dr. Seuss parody I mentioned recently.

But what's even more interesting is that Kevin Ryan is co-author of the amazing $100 book Recording the Beatles, which I recently splurged on. It's not every day one buys a $100 book, but this 500+ page coffee table illustrated epic will keep this Beatlemaniac enthralled learning all the ins and outs of how the Beatles made their recordings. A stupendous achievement. If you're into recording, music, and the Beatles, then you MUST buy this book.

Entertainment Weekly recently broke the news that Ryan was the Dylan-sings-Seuss creator. It all makes sense -- considering the amazingly accurate sound he was able to create in the recording studio. No doubt using 60s-era equipment throughout (not a digital cowbell in sight).

p.s. be sure not to miss the Virtual Studio Visitor plugin for ProTools!

Posted by brian at March 17, 2007 12:37 PM


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