July 26, 2006

Not the stock photo I expected

You've seen them. They're everywhere. Happy, smiling people images. Generic stock photo people. The kinds of people you see in the sample photo inserts when you buy a photo frame at the store. The kinds of people you see on corporate website home pages: perky, happy, generic people.

I love the Scottsdale Public Library's website's use of these generic stock photo people images. Each time you reload the home page, you see a different pair of people exlaiming, "It's MY library!"

Then there's the guy on the left here:

I'm imagining walking in to the Scottsdale Public Library and a sea of mohawk hairdos everywhere...

Posted by brian at July 26, 2006 06:18 PM


He's also shaking his tiny fist. "It's my fookin' library!"

Posted by: Chris at July 27, 2006 11:12 AM

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