May 27, 2006

The Flyers, For the Record

Just so the rest of the nation knows what kind of materials the republicans are sending people who live in the San Diego district where there's a special election coming up in a week to replace disgraced, convicted, imprisoned republican Randy "Duke" Cunningham, I hereby offer the following two flyers which arrived in my mailbox over the past few weeks.

Exhibit A, Front Page.

Click image to see full-sized photo

Exhibit A, Center Pages.

Click image to see full-sized photo

Exhibit A, Back Page.

Click image to see full-sized photo

Exhibit B, Front Page.

Click image to see full-sized photo

Exhibit B, Back Page.

Click image to see full-sized photo

One can just imagine a bunch of republicans in a smoke-filled room strategizing over how to beat Busby. First trick, flood the ballot with a bunch of republican candidates, in a desperate effort to hide Busby's name and prevent her from getting a 50.01% majority on the April 11 election.

They were successful:

From this Wikipedia page

As soon as those results were announced, I remember thinking, oh, now we get to see the republicans try to destroy the character of Busby, try any way possible to get her disgraced. I find it amusing these flyers are all they could come up with. I mean, compared to the criminal activity of Cunningham and his ilk, Busby's a friggin' saint.

So they got Bilbray in the special election which happens on June 6th. Back to the smoke-filled room. Now what? What buzzwords, what fear, should be placed into the minds of voters? Well, the republican playbook says, if you yourself are crooked, scary, dangerous, irresponsible, creepy, untrustworthy, corrupt, and downright unethical, then call the other guy those names -- project. So sure enough, we have the republicans calling Busby "irresponsible with our hard-earned money". Can you fucking believe it? Exactly what Cunningham was, and so apply it to the Democratic candidate, and hey maybe it'll stick! The republicans know they're not trustworthy, so what better than calling their opponent untrustworthy? "If we can't trust Francine Busby in San Diego, then we can't trust her in Congress."

When will people wake up?

Posted by brian at May 27, 2006 05:40 PM


From the carefully reconstructed pottery in image #4 I get the distinct impression that Busby is an archeologist.

Posted by: Sagra at May 30, 2006 01:01 PM

Actually, disgusting and (I'm sure) false as these lit pieces are, they're pretty damn good. Clearly they've polled and figured out that a whole lot of Repubs are ready to bolt the party, but are leery of Busby because she's "inexperienced" or "not ready for prime time," as opposed to Bilbray who has been in Congress before. It's probably all they have, so they're going after it with typical amoral, over the top, lying abandon. Betcha it works, though.

Posted by: ColoDem at May 30, 2006 01:15 PM

so, she spends too much money, but she fired teachers? If a republican fired teachers it would have been "efficiency", "sacking usless beauocrats", and "letting the free market take its course!"

Posted by: jarrod at May 30, 2006 07:39 PM

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