April 06, 2006

Shaking, Rattling, Rolling

Everyone in San Diego is talking about "the boom", a mysterious shaking felt all over the area around 8:45am on Tuesday morning.

I was at a meeting with some VCs and CEOs at the time, in law offices in Del Mar, and the place shook pretty darn good for about 5-7 seconds. Now, I've experienced this a few times in the past 18 years in San Diego. A lot of times it'd happen while I was at home, and the whole house would shake, particularly the windows -- as if there were a pressure wave. Not as if: there was definitely a pressure wave - you could feel it in your ears, ever so subtly but it was definitely there. The air pressure changed momentarily. Turns out a lot (if not all) of those experiences were due to the Marines blowing up ordinance at Camp Pendleton 45 miles to the north. And you could call them up and their public affiars office would say, yup, we've been blowing things up all day. Depending on the water density in the air, the pressure waves could be felt miles and miles away.

But the Tuesday morning boom was different. It didn't feel like a Pendleton phenomenon at all. It felt like a quake, but even then, it was clearly not coming from the ground -- but from the sky. Its duration was longer than a typical sound-barrier-breaking shock wave.

I've heard one theory that it was a meteorite blowing up in the atmosphere. I wonder if NORAD tracked anything.

Definitely strange.

Posted by brian at April 6, 2006 05:08 PM


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