March 25, 2006

Revolver, No, The Other One

Mix in a big heap o' Blue Velvet-era David Lynch, throw in a dose of Natural Born Killers-era Oliver Stone, and some Bonnie and Clyde for good measure, and you start to approximate the movie REVOLVER.

Well, not quite. See, REVOLVER is a movie that's not even been made yet. (At least this REVOLVER. Turns out there's another one that did get made.)

This REVOLVER may not be a movie yet but it does have an interesting 5-minute trailer. That's all it has. They made it to try to raise money to make the whole movie.

The trailer won the 2004 Golden Trailer Award for "Best Trailer - No Movie." The award presenter described it this way:

A regular trailer has to be good enough to get someone to drop 10 bucks. In this category, the trailer has to be good enough to get somebody to drop 10 million bucks.

It won the award, but it doesn't look like it won any funding. It seems like it's been on hold since 2004.

Posted by brian at March 25, 2006 04:08 PM


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