March 20, 2006

A Letter to Salutation:40

I received several of these emails the other day. I love how it's addressed to "[[Salutation:40]]" and that there's a radio channel on American Airlines called "Forbes in FBrianlight Radio".

Choices, choices. Spend $6000 for a three minute ad, or not. Think of the opportunity! The vast number of people who'll be taking extra flights during July just so they can tune in to what I have to say. Think of it, you're listening to Michael Dell talk about, say, how Apple ought to shut down and sell off its assets to its shareholders, and then I come on, talking about, say, how maybe Dell should do that instead of Apple!

Forbes in FBrianlight Radio. Coming soon to a pair of airliner headphones near you.

Dear [[Salutation:40]],

As a producer for ___________ and the "Forbes In FBrianlight Radio" channel on American Airlines, I am personally extending an invitation for EVDB, Inc to participate in an upcoming in-flight radio broadcast entitled "America's Best CEOs On the Move: Mentoring For the Best By the Best" airing worldwide July 2006. This is a sponsored program, which reaches over 4.2 million potential listeners.

On this show, we will be interviewing some of the nation's great movers and shakers in business today and looking at what makes a great CEO. We will be discussing topics surrounding: 1. What is the role of the CEO in building a great company? 2. What leadership characteristics are the most critical to the performance of the company? 3. What are the most difficult leadership choices CEOs must make to ensure sustained results?

We will also examine the following topics: Mastering the Art of Corporate Reinvention; Challenges of Leadership Today; Cutting Edge Technologies; Major League Entrepreneurs; Creating New Categories; Businesses and Markets in the 21st Century; Innovators in Business and Technology; Building Mulit-Level Global Brands and much more.

The guests we've booked to date on our business shows include: Michael Dell; CEO of Dell, Anne Sweeney of The Walt Disney Networks, Carol Bartz of Autodesk, Sumner Redstone of Viacom, and special appearance by Tony Robbins; America's #1 Executive Leadership Coach and many more. Please listen to a few of our interviews:

Please join our program and communicate your latest news, vision and expertise to our captive audience of 4.2 million executive business travelers, including decision-makers from the Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 who travel and tune in each month to the "Forbes In Flight Radio" Channel.

Our production team of creative writers and engineers will produce an informative and dynamic three-minute interview capturing the exact message you want to convey. Your interview will air on a continuous loop, on 29,000 worldwide flights during the entire month of July 2006.

In an effort to help close out the show, we are offering our remaining slots at a substantial discount. Instead of the normal rate card of $ 9,995, your discounted cost is only $5,995.

Although we will be recording interviews via telephone between now and late April 2006, we will need to close out our show by this Friday March 17th PST, so please contact me to reserve your space.

Here is a review of what the package includes:

1. Production and placement of a 3-minute interview/company profile to air on 29,000 American Airlines flights to 4.2 million passengers during July 2006

2. Company Listing and URL in American's AAttractions Guide (348,000 monthly copies)

3. Rebroadcast of interview on, with link to your site for one year

4. Digital audio file of interview for promotional and marketing purposes

5. "As heard on American Airlines" logo for airing of interview on your website

6. All turnkey production including scripting, recording, editing, mastering and delivery

_________ is an independent producer contracted to place business and lifestyles talk radio programming on American Airlines as well as five other major domestic carriers.

To learn more about ________ and the caliber of clients we represent, I encourage you to visit our website and explore the following links: ____________ Network: Radio Programs: Media Kit: AA Demographics:

If you would like to call for a reference, please contact _________________ at xxx-xxxx-xxxx, Ext. xx or email her at _______________.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

___________ Producer

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