June 05, 2005

AllMusic to site visitors: go away

I rarely ever go to the allmusic.com site since they ruined it a while back, but I was curious about two bands I've never really listened to and wanted some background information. So I went, I surfed, I read one album review, I read another, and then after clicking through twelve pages over the course of ten minutes, saw a blank page with this stern message:

Through traffic monitoring of our websites we have identified your IP address accessing allmusic.com at a rate and speed inconsistent with the noncommercial and personal use permitted by our site's Terms of Service. As a result, further access to allmusic.com has been denied. Because IP addresses can be shared by numerous users, your access may be being denied based on the aggregate use of your IP address rather than your own individual use. To ensure that this is not the case, simply create your own individual user account by becoming a Registered Member of allmusic. [Click on the “Register” button in the upper right hand corner of the home page.] Once you’ve become a Registered Member and are logged in, you will once again have full access to allmusic, and will continue to have access, as long as your usage remains consistent with our Terms of Service. If you are already a Registered Member of allmusic, simply ensure that you are logged in when you use the site. Thank you.

Just checked my browser history. Twelve pages. Ten minutes. THAT qualifies as "a rate and a speed inconsistent with the noncommercial and personal use permitted by our site's Terms of Service"? I should add that I'm using a static IP address, but one that's going through Time Warner RoadRunner. Did they just ban all RoadRunner users? Looking forward to Wikipedia and MusicBrainz rendering allmusic.com obsolete.

Posted by brian at June 5, 2005 09:21 AM


MP3.com licenses most of the AMG database with a much better interface.

Posted by: Andy Baio at June 5, 2005 10:49 AM

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