April 13, 2005

Caveat - Vendor

Jeez, the vendors are out in full these days. Ever since the press release, I'm getting calls all day long for this service or that service, be it IT, sales, marketing, search engine optimization, leasing, equipment, "asset management" (I'd forgotten about the "asset management" folks.... the boiler room types who call you up, and try to get you to invest in their scams and when you finally get a word in edgewise and say you're not interested, BAM they slam the phone down and hang up on you mid-breath).

Then there's all the folks trying to sneak around me and bother some other folks on the team. Ain't gonna work, guys. Nice try though. :-)

And the spam's cranking up, from vendors trying to get in through the email door. For instance, from the CEO of some sales consulting firm:

I've been following EVDB for a while. You’ve put in place dynamic concepts, and are better implemented than 98% of the firms in your category. It’s clear why you are growing. As you know, in the current market, these achievements may not be enough. Perhaps I can be of assistance.

[Vendor name] works with growing businesses to seize revenue opportunities. We are not consultants or recruiters. We employ experienced senior level sales teams, as well as “on the street” reps, who know their industries and have established relationships with the high level contacts our clients need to reach.

Let's see. We've put in place dynamic concepts! And they're better-implemented than 98% of the firms in our category! Well, I guess that's pretty good, but it's not good enough. Which firms in our category have implemented dynamic concepts better than us? And, is it that their concepts are more dynamic than ours, or that they just have more of them, or what? Gosh, I'd love to know.

Posted by brian at April 13, 2005 10:46 AM


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