April 08, 2005

EVDB inaugural board meeting

EVDB inaugural board meeting
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Flew up to Silicon Valley yesterday for EVDB's first board meeting. I'm honored to have a fantastic board -- Tom Sammon on my right; to my immediate left is Steve Jurvetson and next to him Josh Stein, both of DFJ; and Esther Dyson.

Interesting experience, getting up at 4:30, leaving for the airport at 5:20, standing in a huge security checkpoint line at the airport at 6:00, in the air at 6:50, board meeting at 9:30, back to the airport at 1:00 and back at EVDB's office at 4:00pm.

Hard to believe that it was only 39 days prior to this board meeting that I was in this very same room doing the entrepreneur's proverbial PowerPoint Pitch to all of the DFJ partners . . .

The surprise of the day: Esther uses MS Word to manage her calendars. Her dates seemed to be off by a day. We kidded her about that.

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