March 29, 2005

EVDB Beta Live

We opened the servers tonight, and it took only seconds for people to stream in. Funny how that works. Lots of bugs being found, lots of bugs being fixed.

I find I'm in an interesting state that's a mixture of exhaustion from days of little sleep, elation from just the thrill of seeing real people try out the system, gratitude from the really helpful strangers who are emailing us tonight with bug reports, and contemplation about all the work we have ahead of us. It's also a very palpable sense of transition, from the past, from what we can now call the "pre-launch" phase, to this present public exposure phase.

Now the fun begins. Well, after a few hours of sleep.

Major tasks for the rest of the week: pushing onwards with bug fixes, better documentation, more content, more business development activity . . . and also a lot of listening, learning, and managing expectations.

One thing I hadn't anticipated: having to fend off the sudden arrival of vendors who want to sell me this and that and the other thing. Eeeeek! They're everywhere! Got no time for you! Nor interest! Thank you very much!

Posted by brian at March 29, 2005 08:41 PM


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