March 03, 2005


At first I thought for sure that Wists was Elmer Fudd's way of saying Lists. I'm not sure I quite get the name, but I get the idea: a more visual bookmark-sharing service than (which has its own naming challenges).

At first glance, I can't say I'm going to switch from to Wists. I like the fact that is text-based. I am able to scan a lot of information super quickly and it's a dream for finding something interesting in seconds. I find that with Wists, I have to look at all the pictures, then read the underlying text anyway to make a decision on whether this is interesting or not. I can't trust the picture to be worth my while.

So, I'll stick with but study how and why people adopt Wists.

Posted by brian at March 3, 2005 03:21 PM


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