February 21, 2005

Jesse Update

The rain's really coming down today -- huge downpour. Jesse misses lying in the sun with all the gray skies and rain -- probably wonders if we snuck back to Seattle without telling him.

This morning at about 645am after we took him out for his morning business, we brought him back to get him on his little matress to settle him down for the morning, and as we were getting ready to do so, he keeled over and collapsed. This time he stayed conscious the whole time. It was like he was fighting the whole time to stay up, but couldn't keep his balance and tipped over, banging his head against the base of the bed as he fell. But as he lay there, he kept his eyes open and kept breathing. He lay there a few minutes, with zero energy. Then, still damp from being outside, he sat up. We toweled him down and he stretched out on the floor. He normally rolls around on his back at this time of morning, crawling upside down on the floor to scratch his coat. No strength for that this morning. After a few minutes I was able to get him up on his futon and tucked into blankets. He quietly grumbled and moaned as if he were very uncomfortable and in pain. He's been resting ever since, and seems a lot better now.

Nothing we can do but make him comfortable and hope for the best. Here's a photo of him and his Bud Light lookalike taken about a month ago:

Posted by brian at February 21, 2005 08:27 AM

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