January 14, 2005

... but you said I could lie in the Sun!

Folks have been inquiring about Jesse. "Stabilized" is about the best I can describe it. He doesn't know he's sick, and since we've modified his diet, he's back to being mischievous and energetic. Only, the energy is illusory: while he seems to be feeling better, his heart isn't any better, nor are his lungs. So when he breathes, he wheezes. He's always snored when asleep, but now, well, he sounds more like a respirator machine or something... always has to make an effort to inhale.

He sure does love the sun.

Photo taken via Treo, today after lunch break. He was not too happy about being pulled away from rotisserie mode in the patch of sunlight on the floor, only to be put back in the sunless kitchen...

It's hard to say how long he will go on like this. Theoretically for quite a while, but the thing that gnaws away at our hopes is his history of sudden collapses, and our wondering when the next episode's going to happen.

Posted by brian at January 14, 2005 02:45 PM


Sometimes they just keep surprising you. We have a dog that is so old, she's off the charts at the vet's office. The vet has started to believe that we're lying about when we got her. She could go any time, and THIS bag of dog food or THIS walk, or THIS time I go to work could be the last; but, she carries on, and she still loves to eat moldy fruit out of the compost like it's filet mignon. It's a good life. so long as she's here, we're happy for it.

It's all about quality of life, whether it's a pet or family; so long as you can lie in the sun once in a while, it's all good.

Posted by: richard at January 15, 2005 04:05 PM

Hi Brian,
Just discovered your blog today and am glad you are giving Jesse the best that you can while he is still going. We have a couple of dogs, one with terminal cancer and the other is an epileptic. They enrich our lives every day and we are grateful for the love that they give us all the time. Keep us posted about Jesse and take care.

Posted by: Lynne at January 26, 2005 09:42 AM

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