December 29, 2004

Another Collapse

Huge smashing noises woke us up at 1am this morning as the rainstorm turned violent, with wind gusts that had to be well above 60 mph. The smashing noises were the table and chairs on the back deck, being thrown around like toys. In fact some were thrown right off the deck.

The noise woke the dog up, and my wife decided to take him out for what has become his routine 2am tinkle. When she came back in she led him into the kitchen to let him have some water. I'd gotten up to go into the office and shut down computer equipment, having learned that in weather like this, the power always goes out.

Suddenly I heard a kerthump and my wife calling out that Jesse had collapsed. I ran down the hall to the kitchen and there he was, he'd landed on his left side on the hard floor of the kitchen. He his coat was cold and wet from the 30 seconds' exposure outdoors. Unlike before, he hadn't passed out this time, but he just lay there, unable to move, slowly breathing with a confused look on his face like, "what is happening, Mom & Dad?" He yawned a couple times (sure indicator that he was out of oxygen) and began breathing normally. Then, as if nothing had ever happened, he just jumped up off the floor and wanted to go right back to sleep. In fact he pulled really hard on the leash. We put him in his bed under his blankets and he went to sleep right away.

The words from the veterinarian keep echoing in my mind... "he could go at any time". It is difficult.

Posted by brian at December 29, 2004 08:27 AM


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