December 14, 2004

Lunch with Jesse

The blog's going to be about Jesse for a while, can't help it, he's on my mind. Even with a lot going on at the startup (we were mentioned in a press release today for the first time, as founding members of CalConnect), Jesse's part of the family. I'm making an effort to go home and spend time with him during lunch as often as I can. Today it was really nice outside, classic December La Jolla weather, almost summer-like with a low fog over the ocean down below. Jesse's happiest in the sun, so he sat and basked in the sun's rays on the back deck while I woofed down lunch.

Even inside the house, he finds the little triangle of sun and sits in it to "cook". (This is the same sun spot mentioned a long time ago in this blog.)

Tomorrow he goes in for his cardiac ultrasound test. We're hoping for the best.

It is a blessing that dogs don't worry, have very short memories of misfortunes and discomfort, and always remember the good things. Humans could learn from them.

Posted by brian at December 14, 2004 06:02 PM


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