November 29, 2004

On Turning 30

Adam riffs on Rohit turning 30 and my mind boggles on how much work he must have put into this blog post. Wait. Not one, but two blog posts.

When I turned 30 I was in the middle of shipping COCONET 3.0 at Coconut, and dealing with offers from the Ministry of Communications of the Government of Kuwait to fly to Kuwait and translate COCONET into Arabic so they could use the software as the basis for a "Prodigy for the Arab World" called GULFNET. Ah, pre-Web days.

I remember telling my very eager Kuwaiti customer, "Um, in case you weren't aware, there's a war on and your country has been invaded!?"

I'll never forget his reply -- "Oh, don't worry about that!"

Kinda how I felt about turning 30.

Turning 40 was a little harder: Eazel was self-destructing, NASDAQ was on the verge of crashing, the Valley was already crashing, and I was contemplating doing eBay, or not doing eBay. I did eBay.

One realizes at some point that the whole age thing is an illusion. I like Dylan's line: "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now."

Posted by brian at November 29, 2004 05:48 PM


When I turned 30, I bought myself dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant, and reflected on how much my life had changed since I was 20, and since I was 10. And that was about it.

Posted by: jima at November 29, 2004 06:14 PM

Remember: Never trust anyone over 30!

Those words ring truer now than ever... and I'm 39!

Posted by: Ken at November 30, 2004 07:29 AM

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