October 13, 2004

You'd Think They'd Know Better...

Amazing to learn that there are web-savvy folks out there still using Network Solutions for domain registration. Look what just happened to Gawker...

Meanwhile, I still get telephone calls, fancy expensive mailings, and emails from Register.com for a domain that I transferred away from them a year ago. You'd think they'd figure it out by now. First time the phone rang, they asked me if I knew my domain was about to expire. I told 'em, no it wasn't, I transferred it away. I was asked if I wanted to hear about some great deals going on at Register.com. I asked if they were better than $8.95 at GoDaddy. Uh, no, I was told.

Second time I was called, I got the same dire warning about an expiring domain. Told em, uh, I transferred it ages ago. Click. They hung up.

Built to Last? Not.

Posted by brian at October 13, 2004 08:34 AM


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