October 05, 2004

Web2.0 Workshop 1.0: RSS

Syndicated Feeds: Strategies, Opportunities and Issues
Dick Costolo, Feedburner
David Hornik, AugustCapital
Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine

workshop 2004-10-05 08:45

Personal publishers want
- one feed and a decent subscriber count
- maybe some commerce maybenot

Commercial publishers want
- personalized feeds
- cookies
- js
- style sheets
- granite countertops

Drawing a line between points A and B, where is G such that G is Good?

Jarvis: I feel like a kindergartener in college, to use Dan Gillmor's words

Dan Gould, on his company: he's "from something that is too new to have a real name"

David Hornik: 2 worlds of RSS: feeds to populate websites as opposed to RSS readers

Steve Gillmor: Bloglines is like a roach motel. All the data comes in and nothing comes out.

Bob, the PUbSub.com guy: "It's the entries stupid, not the feeds"

Slide: Commercialization happens. Discuss. The Horseless Carriage and Free Bandwidth.

Jeff Jarvis: Your nostaligia from 1995 is frightening.

Steve Gillmor: Yahoo and Bloglines --- shutting off the next business models.

Tom Abate of the Chronicle: hearing now that some people think that

Chris Tolles of TOPIX.NET: The user, advertiser, publisher all have to win.

Jeff Jarvis: on board of MoreOver and NewsPoint rss reader.

Steve Gillmor: totally in favor of advertising in RSS. All constituencies need to be maintained and compensated but the main constituency is the author, who risks being shut aside. Technorati/FeedSter/Feedemon, sync standard for thrwing out dupes of messages and items: attention.xml

Jeff Jarvis: 0934: WHat Big Media should be scared of the death of the centralized marketplace.

David Hornik: Hey Marc, thanks for screaming. ... Open source is not going to solve the tagging problem.

Marc Canter: I like humans.

Jeff Jarvis: AdSense took the cooties off of citizen's media.

General thoughts:

It's a heated debate, with a lot of audience participation. Problems: everyone in the audience is a vendor or a publisher one way or another. The issues raised from the audience are full of plugs for the respective businesses or initiatives that that audience member is espousing. The three panelists are being diligent about staying vendor-neutral. Wish the audience would do the same.

Posted by brian at October 5, 2004 09:30 AM


Ads (spam) will absolutely put an end to RSS's success.

Posted by: oso at October 7, 2004 04:28 PM

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