September 10, 2004

Nettle on Meetup's new homepage

Oh yeah... I did a little commentary on Meetup's new home page over at the Nettle blog.

Nettle's now running MovableType 3.11. I installed it so I could run the new MT-Blacklist 2.0, which was supposed to be so much better. It is better, but it isn't that much better. I was stunned to see that there were 850 spams in the comments for the Nettle blog. Took FOREVER to remove them, even with the new MT-Blacklist 2.0.

I'll be migrating all my blogs over to 3.11 over the next week, hopefully. I just have no time for spam anymore. Comments are going to be moderated.

Posted by brian at September 10, 2004 03:59 PM


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