September 03, 2004

iTunes Affiliate

The same week Microsoft launches its online music store, Apple launches an iTunes Affiliate Program. Miracle of miracles, Apple let the brianstorms blog into the program (in fact they told me they were "thrilled" to welcome me as a partner . . . I bet they'd been fretting about "will brianstorms sign up or not!?" all week), so yer now lookin' at a gen-u-ine iTunes Affiliate. Um, what to do next . . .


The odd thing is, Apple outsourced its whole Affiliate program to a company called LinkSynergy. (Never heard of 'em.) It'd be ok, if LinkSynergy had figured out a way to fit within Apple's domain name. In other words, when you mouse over the little emblem right here, your browser would show you that you'd be going to something reasonable and predictable like "" or "" if you clicked on it. As opposed to what your browser actually tells you, which is a big long link for "". What's that? Who are they? Is it safe? Some people notice these things.

I also noticed, at least here on this Mac, that if one's iTunes app isn't running when you click on the little logo here, nothing happens other than the browser reloading the page. If iTunes is running, it goes to the main page of the iTunes Music Store.

I wonder what happens on Windows machines. Well, to be honest, I don't. But seriously: shouldn't there be some smarter behavior on the part of the Affiliate links? If a user doesn't have iTunes installed on their machine, shouldn't clicking on an Affiliate's link at least take you to Apple's iTunes website?

Posted by brian at September 3, 2004 07:08 AM


On Windows (At least on XP and Mozilla Firefox) it tries for a moment and then jsut pops up an error box over a blank page saying that "itms is not a registered protocol"

Nice idea, but pretty poor programming and design if you ask me..

Posted by: Jason at September 3, 2004 11:34 AM

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