August 24, 2004

El Camino Del Teatro

Noticed a bustle of activity in a nearby neighborhood this morning. Workmen with walkie talkies everywhere, out on several streets, directing large trucks this way and that. A long line of campers, more trucks, black vans, and yet more trucks.

Turns out they're filming See Arnold Run, an A&E Made-for-TV movie about the life and times of . . . you guessed it . . . Arnold Schwartzenegger. Here's a very short blurb from the San Diego Union-Tribune about it.

This "Star Waggon" above was the biggest, and seemed to be for the star. The little sign says "J.P. AS 'Arnold'".

This motley bunch looked like a line of hobos waiting for handouts. As I drove by they gave me looks of, whaddayawant buddy, or, get lost. I'm pretty sure it was the cast, in line checking out their costumes. They did not look very happy. And their costumes were right out of Salvation Army . . .

I thought it appropriate that all this filming activity is going on on a little windy street in La Jolla called El Camino Del Teatro, "the way of the theatre".

Posted by brian at August 24, 2004 09:20 AM


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