August 08, 2004

A Billion Here, a Billion There

Pretty soon it adds up to real traffic.

Right at the end of July, Craigslist hit a rate of 1 billion pageviews per month. Back in January I'd heard a reported figure of 500 million pageviews per month. That's a ton of growth in seven months. I'm betting 2 billion per month is right around the corner.

Reminds me of when I first joined eBay and had an eye-opening (and humbling) experience. I'd previously worked at, where we were so proud to hit 150 million pageviews per month. eBay, I learned, was doing something like a billion pageviews a day. A totally different league. Helped me apppreciate how was never a big deal in the Valley... ("Where'd you use to work?" "MP3." "Wow, you worked at Napster?" "No, I worked at" "Oh. I thought you meant you worked at Napster.")

Posted by brian at August 8, 2004 08:00 AM


Funny, cuz suddenly many DID work at Napster.

CraigsList is catching on: increasing numbers of unemployed readers are marvelling at fascinating posts like "*** Do My webbsite for fun and your Portfolio. And for free. ***" and "SEO ENgineer wanted". Cloaking is an engineering thing now? I'm hooked.

Posted by: kevin baird at August 8, 2004 10:39 AM

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