July 31, 2004

Dan Gillmor's Book Release Party

Somehow managed to make it to the book release party for Dan Gillmor's new We The Media at OSAF/CreativeCommons' very cool offices in downtown San Francisco this evening.

An amazing group of attendees, including, in no particular order, Dan Gillmor, Steve Gillmor, Scott Rosenberg, Marc Hedlund, Anil Dash, Allen Noren, Marc Canter, Larry Lessig, John Markoff, Florian Brody, Kim Polese, Craig Newmark, Tim O'Reilly, Andy Hertzfeld, JD Lasica, Kevin Kelly, Fred von Lohmann, Cindy Cohn, Howard Rheingold and family, Evan Williams, Dave Sifry fresh off the plane from the Boston convention, John Markoff, Mitch Kapor, Lisa Dusseault and numerous OSAF folks, and many others whose names I'm forgetting at the moment (sorry!).

Dan signed copies of his book, which were available for purchase (proceeds going to benefit Creative Commons).

Magazines on the table at OSAF...

Howard Rheingold speaks with Dan Gillmor

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