July 08, 2004

When Fiction Becomes Fact: BitTorrenting F9/11

Back on May 24th I wrote a Denounce called BitTorrent To Release Michael Moore's New Film Free of Charge --- Movie Industry Stunned By Latest Moore Move. It was not quite done as a parody, but more as a sort of report of "plausible inevitability".

The posting trigged a massive amount of traffic, more than even a Slashdotting had ever done. Many took the posting for real, and then were disappointed when they found out it wasn't, and then labeled it a "hoax", which it was never intended to be (Denounce has more disclaimers than bungee-jumping business).

It got so bad that I broke with tradition and issued a huge, red-ink disclaimer all over the Denounce page. That cut traffic in half, but it has stayed heavy since then.

Imagine my surprise when the other day Michael Moore says he's fine with Fahrenheit 9/11 being made available for free over the peer-to-peer networks.

Topping that, imagine my surprise when I visited BoingBoing this morning, and saw a posting entitled "How to BitTorrent Fahrenheit 9/11" complete with detailed instructions on exactly how to download the movie from the Internet.

I guess the only thing I'm really surprised at is that it took this long.

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