May 05, 2004

Watching Hawks

MIT has enabled a "Hawk Cam" live video feed of a hawk's nest high up in a tree outside a campus building. The feed is high-bandwidth and requires a RealPlayer but if you can handle it, check it out (220kbps realvideo link).

I find it strangely appropriate that I sit here writing business plans and startup-related stuff while glancing over every now and then to see how the baby hawk chicks are doing. (One is very active; the other is much less so.)

Heard about this on MetaFilter. Here's the full Metafilter thread with related links and comments.

While we're on the subject, here's an EagleCam showing nesting eagles. (Thanks, aud!)

UPDATE: 12noon PST. The hawk mama arrives, and damn if those chicks didn't hop up and stand at attention immediately. She's feeding them bits of caught prey:

Posted by brian at May 5, 2004 11:35 AM

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