April 24, 2004

Just My Luck

I'm thinking of getting a Treo 600. I've been blissfully free from cellphones, pagers, PDAs, and other digital leashes for two and a half years, but the time has come.

Everyone's been telling me to go read the discussion boards at a website called TreoCentral. So of course, the moment I hear about them and go to check them out, the TreoCentral's discussion board server not only crashes, but loses all of its hard disk data. Not only on the live hard disk, but on their backup disk as well.

So I do a Google Search on "treo 600", and come across some page within PalmOne's site. It's not exactly the page I'm looking for so I do a search for "treo 600" within PalmOne's site search function in their navigation column.

The search result comes back with a "not found" error. This wouldn't be exasperating except that the Treo 600 is made by PalmOne, and this is their website...

Like, is this a message from the gods or something?

Posted by brian at April 24, 2004 12:31 PM


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