April 11, 2004

Searching for Mesothelioma

John Battelle's Searchblog reports on a Washington Times / UPI report that says the word "Mesothelioma", a rare form of cancer related to asbestos exposure, is the most valuable keyword in the search world right now, at $90 and up per click.

Scroll down to the bottom of that UPI story and you'll see Google ad links for, you guessed it, mesothelioma-related services.

Of course, every blogger in the blogosphere is now going to write about it, no doubt in far greater detail than I, in the hopes that a) mesothelioma-related ads appear on their pages and b) people click on them numerous times.

Nah, nothing like that would ever happen...

(One wonders what they'd pay for pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?)

Posted by brian at April 11, 2004 07:30 AM

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