April 02, 2004

Images from Space

Ever wonder what the Great Lakes area looked like from space . . . every day of the year, year after year? Then get thee to the MODIS image library run by the ERSC group at Univ of Wisconsin. (Warning: it's a big page with 912 thumbnails)

There's also the "Gifts of the Glaciers website which includes a wider range of photos.

NASA's GOES site lots of images including animated photos.

NOAA has an OSEI Image of the Day page, which today is showing a major flooding disaster taking place on the Zambezi River in Namibia.

Here's an image (1280x1162 jpg)of a serious smog problem over much of eastern China. This smog had been hovering over the area for over a month when the photo was taken in Feb 2004.

Posted by brian at April 2, 2004 05:18 PM


NASA's Visible Earth site is pretty nice too, which uses a lot of MODIS imagery but has a search engine and hosts 15 megapixel images.

I grabbed some of the MODIS pix for my fire scrapbook.

Here's a nice clicable weather satellite image of western US.

Posted by: kevin at April 5, 2004 02:59 PM

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