February 24, 2004

Tribune Issues Correction

The Chicago Tribune issued a correction today regarding the story on online social networks that appeared in last Saturday's paper, blogged here on Saturday. The article with the mention of Amazon's new Pricekut social network. The social network that doesn't actually exist, but was made up by yours truly for a satire piece in Denounce Newswire.

Not only did the Trib issue a correction, they made a correction in the online version of the article. It no longer mentions Amazon or Pricekut or includes the quotes from Tom Anderson of Myspace.

By the way, I was contacted by a New York Post reporter yesterday who said he was doing a story in today's edition on the Trib goof, but I haven't seen anything on the NYPost website yet. Maybe the NYPost editor nixed the artcle?

Also, another update: I heard back from Tom Anderson of Myspace again, and he confirmed that the reporter Kraig Kujawa contacted him. Anderson said this: "Kraig did send me some questions via email, and apparently I commented on his question about Amazon starting a friend network type service. I just don't remember it. I get interviewed quite a bit. :-)"

(Since the whole Pricekut thing has only been around for some three and a half weeks, it's interesting that he doesn't remember commenting on it to a reporter.)

But wait! There's more!: The weirdness continues here . . .

Posted by brian at February 24, 2004 10:44 AM


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